Monday, February 22, 2010

Waxing Abundant

Maiden Crescent
A time for growth,
Planting seeds of magick
It is attraction, abundance

Waxing Moon
A time for small magicks;
Manifesting enough money to cover an
unexpected bill, conjuring a call from a
missed friend or loved one
Healing the small hurts

Waxing Moon,
Maiden Moon
A time of planning, planting the seeds

of greater magicks
Those which require more work,

more tending

We have an inherent ability to

create abundance.
A gift from The Great Mother.
Honor Her.
May you manifest abundance in your life.

A Charm for Abundance

There are many kinds of abundance.
Abundance of Heart, Spirit, Health, Prosperity.
To your spell of Abundance, I offer this charm:

By candle flame &
Words of power
Joyfulness shall reign
Abundance shower
With Gracious heart &
Thankful soul
An abundance of Love (Health, Prosperity, etc.)
Is thy goal

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