Friday, February 26, 2010

A Lesson in Love Magick

Several years ago I decided to create some love magick
for myself. With much care, I crafted my magick.
With much thought to what I wanted,
I created a list of qualities that my perfect
match would have.
I gathered the right blend of herbs, dressed
my candles and created my charm.
Each Friday I worked my magick.
I worked in accordance to the aspect of the moon.
I'd work with the Sun. I worked that magick!

Shortly afterwards something surprising occurred.
Someone I had professional dealings with began to
flirt with me. He was very handsome, financially
secure and younger.
We exchanged emails, phone calls.
I shifted the focus of my workings on "us"
Within days of my magick, there would come
another email or phone call. Romantic, full of promise.

During this time I met a new friend.
Our circumstances brought us together.
He would call me daily. He would email every morning.
He was always there to lend an ear to my problems.
Kind. Supportive. He made me laugh.

My magick continued with it's focus.
After each working my 'intended' would contact me.
More flirting. Beautiful, Poetic letters. Emails.
Style, but no substance. My magick had been
based on dreams; or so I thought.
It was then I realized my friend was much
more than a friend.
The One who would tell me "I am here" always was.

The workings of my love magick were no longer needed.
I decided to pack them away. I noticed my list.
As I looked at it I smiled. My magick had worked
exactly as intended.

I learned a lesson from The Goddess.
We can create great magick in our lives.
We can manifest our own miracles.
We Can Not use our magick to affect another, for magick
is a gift we are given to change our own lives.

I share the charm of my love magick with you,
use it wisely.

On Friday night, with not a sound
The Lady comes, her gifts abound
This spell be cast by candle's light
To bring romance, let love take flight.
To open thy soul, ones heart to see
That love shall come
So shall this be


  1. Wow..a lovely story with a great lesson.

  2. It's easy to see how one would happily believe the first man was "the one". But then you wisely realized his attentions were without "substance" and related to your focus. Isn't that often the way, the truth is sitting quietly right in front of us but we don't see it because we're moving too fast and get bedazzled by something else. Loved the happy ending and that you've shared the lesson with the spell!

  3. Thank You All...
    Debra, Your comments are always welcome!
    Shell, Welcome & thank you for joining my blog!
    (Karen)Lisa, Thank you!!! There is much truth in the practices of Magick, don't you think?

  4. thats a lovely story, and definitely a beautiful lesson. it has been a long time since i looked at magick. it was the source of a turning point in my like about 10 years ago but soon got lost not long after. i did find my way after a while and have just humbley been very spiritual since, but not actively practicing like i did at the beginning. your post took me back to those days and i feel very happy for being introduced to your blog

  5. What a romantic story.... Oh, OH it reminds me the movie about witches, with Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman, i love that movie... what was the title... oh boo... i forgot the title... anyway, great story Dear H.

  6. Hello Moonangelnay,
    I am honored, thank you & thank you for joining
    my blog.
    Magick may not be for everyone, but it is very
    much a spiritual path. Sometimes that is
    forgotten. Hope to see you around here (:

  7. Nesca,
    Ha! The movie you're referring to is
    "Practical Magick"... Thanks for the thought...
    BTW... I see you are having a giveaway & since
    I've already received one of your pieces...
    I"ll say this... Girls go on over & sign up!

  8. I hope that 'friend' is still with you and sharing your life...
    Warm wishes for a wonderful week,
    Cally x

  9. Welcome Cally!
    Yes, We are very much together...
    In it for the long haul, lol!

  10. I love this MAGICK post.... very revealing and optimistic... we can visualize and we can influence the course of our lives with the intuition and expectation for something good for ourselves... glad you found love.. best wishes!

  11. LTL... Thank you! Yess!!!
    We can influence and change our lives...
    May you be blessed with Magick & Love !