Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Truths, Divination & The Dark Moon

The Dark of the Moon is a time to look within
To search for truths,
To seek answers.
The Dark moon beckons us to Go Deep
To find the truths that lie hidden,
Waiting to be realized.

Divination offers us a glimpse

into the hidden.
Illuminating secrets,

truths for those who have
the courage to look within.
Use the Dark moon to seek your truth-
Truth of Spirit,
Something each must seek for themselves
Truth of the journey,
A path each must travel on one's own
Truth of heart,
Let it be filled with joy in the living

May you find your answers in Her Dark

Do not fear the Dark Moon
For in her stillness
lies the truth


  1. "for in her stillness lies the truth" ~beauitful reminder...always savor the words you have chose to write....brightest blessings~