Sunday, July 11, 2010

Solar Eclipse/ New Moon in Cancer

Today's Solar Eclipse arrives along
with the New Moon.
The Sun is in the sign of Cancer
The New Moon arrives Cancer

Cancer rules the Moon or rather
The Moon Rules Cancer
Watery, Feminine
The Moon Maiden is about
Emotions will run high during this time

So during this period,
Treat your feelings & those of others
Learn the lesson of Balance this Eclipse has to offer
Be governed neither by head nor heart
But an equal balance of both
Without ever losing site of compassion
For yourself, and for others

May you experience the magick of feeling


  1. I loved this post. The magick of feeling is just what I need. Thanks~ and keep writing. I feel as if I am learning something from you. I have just begun this path and am doing my 366 days right now. I have no teacher and am learning thru books, and meditation. Blessed Be~

  2. Onreeone,
    Thank You soo much.. You are very welcome here..
    May the Goddess/God be your teacher & may your path be filled with magick!

  3. Wonderful advice- as always....
    Warm Wishes,
    Cally x x x