Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Power of Word

It is Sacred.
Breathes life into our intent
Is the force that powers our magick

What gives Word its power?
For One,
The keeping of Word.
Word is more than simply making a vow
to The Goddess
Keeping of
IS a way of life.
It is easy to promise to place flowers upon
one's altar weekly.
It is easy to promise one's devotion
to The Goddess
But it is the keeping of
Which is truly devotion.
It is in the keeping of Word on a daily basis
which gives power to

Do you make a promise to a friend,

family member or co worker, only to break
it because it proves to be inconvenient?
Have you offered to help with something,
only to back out because of other plans?

Word IS sacrifice
Word IS sometimes inconvenient
But it is our willingness to make the sacrifice
that gives Word it power, it's breath
If we do not give weight, truth to our
on the mundane, day to day matters
Then our Word holds no truth for The Goddess
Without truth our Word will never hold true power

May you learn the power of


  1. I agree with your WISE WORDS!
    Warm Wishes,
    Cally x

  2. Thank You Cally, For all your comments!
    I haven't had the opportunity to Blog as much as I'd like, or to comment back - but I'm making time...

  3. Deep and True...My mother and father taught me this as a child. I now need the courage to say NO once in a while when I do not want to do something. I believe doing something because you gave your word, but doing it hostily or with resentment is as bad as not doing it at all which results in my heart the feeling of guilt. I do not like guilt. Therefore if I give my word, I will do it and tell myself along the way I am doing it for the good and keep my thoughts positive. Thank YOU~