Sunday, November 15, 2009


The New Moon is a time for attraction magick;
new job, new love, new opportunities & healing.
A time when healing properties of plants are most potent.
Perfect for preparing herbal potions!
This is my Love & Healing Tincture:

Lavender & Rose Hips

1/2 oz Rose Hips (dried)
1/2 oz Lavender (dried)
4 - 5 oz 100 Proof Alcohol (Vodka or Rum)
Do not use rubbing alcohol!

Place herbs in glass jar. Cover with alcohol.
Seal & place in dark area. Shake daily for
next 2 weeks. At the Full moon, pour tincture
through cheesecloth or strainer into a dark jar
or bottle. Press remaining herbs to extract any liquid.

*Dried herbs work better than fresh due to the water content
of fresh herbs

Love & Healing tincture can be taken orally (add 3-4 drops
to 1/4 cup of water) to allieviate cold & flu symptoms,
insomnia, fatigue and as a treatment for diarrhea.

Annoint your body, candles, mojo bags for a magickal

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