Sunday, November 29, 2009

Hecate Day of the Crossroads / November 30th

 Hecate Day of the Crossroads/November 30th

Triple Goddess, Great mother, Moon Goddess,
Dark goddess, Queen of the witches.
Day of the crossroads is a time to honor her.
Leave an offering at the crossroads for Hecate.
Give thanks to the Great Mother.

Offering to Hecate
After Sunset on Nov 30th, I go to a crossroads
and leave an offering. My offering consists of
Incense, preferably Lavender. A small dish of
Herbs including Mugwort & Patchouli.

A plate of the following:

1 Apple sliced in half horizontally (pentacle showing)
Drizzle the following over the Apple -

A small cup of Wine or red Grape Juice

Yes, it is similar to the ingredients of Kyphi.
For me Hecate and Isis are one and the same,
so what could be more fitting?
Give Thanks, say your prayer or petition and walk away
WITHOUT looking back.


  1. Thank you! I love your invocation and offering. I live on a corner (perhaps this is why I always find myself at a crossroads? ;-) ) so my offering goes out in my garden.

    I have a crossroads at the western corner of my house and a perennial stream behind the eastern corner of my house. I am blessed to be here. :-)

  2. Thank You Jacque!
    Yes, you are blessed my friend (: