Friday, August 29, 2014

Message from Spirit / The Great Mother 8/29/14

Message 8/29/14:
And Knowing the Nature of the Beast
Thus play into the hands of the puppeteer
For "Free Will" hath done with.
With Rod & Staff rise up from the muck & mud
Feeble attempt to stop the onslaught
While others look away.
When the North & South battle
The Kush shall fall
Three will come.
And death shall come upon a White Horse,
It has been foretold.
Desecration of Thy most hallowed lands
Does Thou Not understand THY vengeance when
Lands run red with the blood of sons?
Air Strikes the Clocks Tower
All the while a Jester laughs
Playing His hand for the world to see.
Mighty is the Mojave
Doth thy not remember Sodom & Gomorrah?
Ash (Molten) to flame
Ask the Redman (Red Man?) for He has seen
What is to come

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