Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Mercury Retrograde - Communication Breakdown

Mercury Retrograde, Redux

Let's start with the facts.
Mercury goes retrograde roughly 3X a year.
It lasts approximately 3 weeks. By now,
most of Us are well aware the retrograde, or
backwards movement is simply an optical illusion.
It's effect on Us, not so much an illusion.
Sometimes Mercury Retrograde comes & goes
without a hitch. Most of the time actually.
There are variables -
like what sign the Retrograde is cast in.
This time, Cancer.
Interesting, but as someone who works with or "feels"
energy, this retrograde comes in with a slightly bumpy
feel.  Cancer is a Water sign, and Water is changeable
& unpredictable.  
So what do We need to know?
Nature or the Universe is Our greatest teacher.
Mercury has slowed down it's orbit.
Our biggest lesson?  SLOW DOWN.
Mercury rules communication, travel, The written word -
that includes contracts, leases, important documents.
It's relatively simple to make the best of this energy and
make it work for You!
Remember the RE :
Reflect - Look back on things. Carefully consider
             What you've accomplished, What you haven't
             What You want to move forward with, most of
             all; WHO are You?
Revisit - Take a look at thinks that didn't quite pan out.
            Relationships, Jobs. What could You have done       
            differently. Look at the things that DID.  Use
            what You learn to move forward (after the Retro
            of course)
Reschedule - Yep.  You may need to change some plans.
                   I did. I was scheduled to start a show on
                   PEN in February but it just wasn't feeling
                   right. I finally realized, it was most likely
                   the Retrograde.  Don't begin New projects
                   during this time.
Redo, Revamp - Whether it's Your closets, a home
                      or a business project; this is the time.

Tools to help You through:
Crystals/ Gemstones :

Amethyst - Promotes Peace, Calm
Moonstone - Eases Anxiety
Turquoise - Communication, Clarity
                Make sure it's genuine Turquoise,
                not dyed Howlite
Hematite - Protects, Balances

Frankincense & Myrrh:
Going back to Ancient times both
Frankincense & Myrrh have been used for
protection, blessings & consecration.

You can burn the resin to protect your space
from any miscommunication, upsets Mercury
Retro may have in store.

If You can't burn the Resin, use the Essential
Oil. Some great sources include Mountain Rose
and Aura Cacia.

Aromatherapy or Smudging Sprays.
You can check My Etsy Shop, many of
My Sprays include Frankincense or Myrrh.
Even both!

Believe it or not, Diet can help you glide
through this Retrograde!
Avoid Caffeine - For some this isn't easy, but it
will help alleviate some of the nervous energy of
a Retrograde.
Eat Calcium Rich Foods - (another reason to avoid
caffeine. It depletes calcium.)
Mercury Foods - Apples, Grapes, Grape Juice,
Lettuce, Rice, Yogurt 

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