Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Welcome 2012

My Foray into the Internet began with this blog.
I met some wonderful people including Debra, whose blog
She who speaks always puts a smile on My face;
more often makes me laugh;
There's been Callie, whose blog is a beautiful & comfy place,
Who generously gifted me with Her crafts.
And it was here that I met My Dear friend Irmina, Doll with a Soul.
Irmina is creating a series of Goddess Dolls for My New Website.
I haven't spent much time at My blog,
not as much as I should.
This blog IS where I honor theGoddess.

There are many things to juggle this year.
My professional work as a Reader, My upcoming Website,
Time for family, friends
This year I will make time for My blog,
Even if it's only 1 hour a week.
For this blog is a Sacred Space,
Where I share Her name
Her words
Her guidance
To those Who seek to listen.

Welcome 2012
A year of change
May We be the better for it

IG - Helene


  1. Happy New Year and a blessed 2012 to you!

  2. Blessings to you Helene,your blog is always inspirational..The dolls sound wonderful.
    May 2012 fill your heart,home and life with peace love and happiness.
    Warm Wishes,